Furniture That Grows With Your Child

Going shopping for your child can start to seem like an everyday thing, not only because of how adorable and irresistible children’s items are, but also because of how quickly our children grow out of everything. This can be particularly frustrating for bigger and pricier items like furniture pieces. What good is it to buy your child a new bed if they will grow out of it in a few months?

But no fear; there is now a variety of options for parents to choose from when buying children’s furniture that can be useful and will last for years. Here are a few ideas for furniture that will grow with your child and will allow you to get the most out of your investment.

Convertible Beds

Convertible CribA convertible bed is the perfect furniture pick that will grow with and fit your child for years. Traditional cribs are very limited because of the protective railing; however, new style convertible beds allow you to have the traditional style and cuteness of a baby’s crib that can transform into a regular toddler bed with a few adjustments. These convertible beds come in many different styles to fit every parent’s and child’s needs and preferences.

You can choose a bed that transforms by completely removing the railing for a traditional twin bed look, or you can choose one in which the rails can be partially removed for a daybed look. The height of the mattress can also be adjusted in these beds. The mattress can be lifted higher while the bed is a crib so you can easily pick up your baby. Or the mattress can be lowered when the rails are removed, making it easier for your teetering toddler to get in and out of bed without the fear of a long fall.  Ultimatly with one purchase, this bed converts from crib to toddler bed/daybed to a standard full size bed.

Ever-Changing Changing Table

As your baby grows, your changing table can be even more short-lived than your baby’s crib. Since it will inevitably turn into an unofficial dresser or storage area, why not invest in a changing table specifically designed for that?

There are many changing table designs that can transform into other useful items such as a dresser or bookcase. This extra storage option will be great as your child gets older and needs more space for storing toys and clothes. The transforming changing table can be kept for years without compromising the style and feel of your child’s room. Not only does it transform to meet your child’s needs in every growth spurt, but it is also aesthetically appealing and fitting in any style of room.

The Best for Your Georgia Baby

Preparing for your new baby or redecorating for your quickly growing child can be anexciting and heartwarming process. And thanks to all of the new technologies and designs available for parents, now you can keep your child’s furniture for years with no worries of outdated or overgrown pieces. Make a smart and long lasting investment with new furniture that grows with your child every step of the way. If you are in the Norcross area, find out how Georgia Baby and Kids can help you find the best furniture pieces for you and your child today.