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At Georgia Baby we are proud to display a couple of exclusive glider lines in the Atlanta Market. These manufacturers are committed to independently owned stores and do not allow their names used or their products to be sold online! The down filled cushions and array of fabrics allows you the freedom to choose exactly what you want. Their Collections are specially crafted with you in mind with an emphasis on slipcovers. They offer a variety of arm-styles with the option to be slipcover over a muslin frame or fully upholstered. Their unique slipcover system allows you to change your cover whenever you want. Whether it be a little dirty, a new season, or you are just bored with your current look, we have you covered. The fabrics are carefully selected to give our furniture a very casual appeal and a softness like no other. The majority of our fabrics are pre-washed for added softness and for the ability of machine washing. We do however recommend dry cleaning to increase the life of your slipcover. For those of you that would prefer a non-slipcovered chair, it is an option to order it regularly upholsterd. We have a wide variety of soft cotton twills, cotton prints, great linens, plush velvets, and cuddly chenilles.