Your Baby and the Color of Their Room

Planning your baby’s nursery is one of the most exciting ways to pass the time while expecting. Will you have a theme or particular color scheme? What style furniture will surround your precious child in their new room? Though you have certainly put a lot of thought into the details of your nursery, have you considered that colors can have a psychological impact on your new baby? Some colors are more stimulating than others. Now you might be wondering how much color you should include in your nursery, or if your previous plan was too bright. These are very common questions.

There is a lot of debate within the scientific community on exactly how color affects a newborn, but the evidence is clear—color does have an impact on the mind. Though your baby will not be capable of perceiving colors correctly for some time, you can take advantage of this in your Atlanta, Georgia nursery room. Here is a quick overview of how certain colors affect the psyche so that you can choose the right color combinations for your child’s room.

Red – Emotional Excitement

Red is the color of passion, so it is no surprise that this color stirs up feelings of emotion and excitement. It is very bold and great for attracting attention. However, you should avoid painting full walls red, as this can be too stimulating in a nursery or child’s room. Try using red to create beautiful accents instead.

Orange – Comforting Warmth

Orange is a very welcoming color that makes people feel quite comforted. It is also inspiring, promoting interpersonal conversations. This color is friendly and eases the mind. Dark orange will create a cozy atmosphere in your child’s room and bright orange will add a creative modern element.

Yellow – Lively Cheer

Yellow is such a happy color. It brings a smile to so many people on a daily bases. Of course, you want a very happy baby, and adding yellow to their nursery could help to bring out a bright personality. However, do not go and coat the whole room in a bright yellow—keep the color in subtle bursts that release a positive energy into the room.

Green – Nurturing Calmness

Green is considered one of the best color selections to use in a color environment. It promotes a sense of calmness and prompts the mind to concentrate while it sinks into deep thought. It is also a natural, serene color that is extremely soothing. You cannot go wrong using shades of green throughout the entire room.

Blue – Healing Peace

Blue is a wonderful color. It will wrap your baby in a calmness and give them a sense of peace. However, avoid using dark shades of blue and deep greys. While these are beautiful, they promote a feeling of sadness.

Plan Your Baby’s Nursery

Are you planning a nursery or recreating a child’s room? We can help you to create the perfect atmosphere that has all the right elements. Our warehouse is full of beautiful pieces that will make both you and your children very happy each time the room is used. If you would like more information and ideas for your Atlanta, Georgia nursery, visit our products page or contact a representative with Georgia Baby and Kids, today.