Reducing Allergens in the Baby’s Room

Reduce Allergens in Baby's RoomBabies are innocent, and can’t defend themselves. That goes for their immune systems as well, and with the increasing instances of allergies, moms are right to be concerned. Because of how little time they’ve spent in this world, keeping their room as clean as possible and providing them with the proper bedding goes a long way in reducing allergens and promoting good health. Look at these tips to keep your baby breathing easy.

Dusting and Vacuuming are a Must

While you may not have kept up with regular dusting and vacuuming in your college crib, your baby’s crib is a much more sensitive area. Dust and vacuum thoroughly once or twice a week to maintain freshness and cleanliness and ward off any possible allergens or dust mites.

Purify and Humidify

While you don’t want to use air purifiers or humidifiers continuously, using them occasionally to help clean the air in your baby’s room is a good idea. Air purifiers remove pet dander, dust and pollen from the air, helping your baby to breathe easier. Humidifiers prevent the air from being too dry, while dehumidifiers prevent the room from being too moist and causing mold growth. Clean air can make all the difference in your baby’s health, so use these devices every now and then, always aiming them away from your baby’s crib when you do so.

Wash Fabric Toys Often

Stuffed and fabric toys are subjected to a variety of assaults from being dragged along the floor to being chewed on to being thrown across the yard. During these adventures, they can accumulate a diverse array of germs, mites and even mold. Wash them weekly to keep them as fresh and clean as possible, and keep them away from your baby’s bed to avoid transferring any germs to their sleeping area.

Invest in Hypoallergenic Bedding

One of the simplest ways of reducing allergens in the baby’s room is to invest in hypoallergenic bedding materials. Mattress pads with hypoallergenic cushions, natural cotton materials, waterproof barriers and tightly fitted covers help to reduce the risks of asthma and allergies.

Regularly Wash Your Baby’s Bedding

Whenever you wash your little one’s stuffed toys, toss their bedding materials into the washing machine with them. You want to wash your baby’s bedding at least once a week to remove any allergens or mites that may be trying to take over. It’s a good idea to keep two to three mattress pads and two to four fitted crib sheets on hand in case you need to wash them more frequently than usual.

Try a Crib Mattress Encasement

Crib mattress encasements are great ways to help keep bed bugs and other allergens out of your baby’s mattress. Make sure to get a laboratory tested and approved encasement that zips around the entire mattress for your darling’s ultimate protection.

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