Safety Tips: Rooms for Toddlers

Safety Tips: Rooms for Toddlers

Your Georgia baby is not so little anymore. He or she has transformed from your snuggly, precious infant to a rambunctious and often sassy toddler. These changes come with many intimidating challenges. You will find yourself thinking outside the box more than ever and, though your sanity will certainly be tested in some moments, these will be some of the happiest days of your life. As your child grows, you will need to consider transitioning them into a room that is fit for a toddler.

Yes, that nursery that you molded into a room fit for a page in Better Homes and Gardens has been outgrown. Rooms for toddlers need specific features. They are now capable of bouncing off the walls — literally. Time to put away that porcelain china set that made the perfect decor and switch the beautiful wooden crib for a “big kid bed.” While you are redesigning your son or daughter’s room, there are a few safety tips that you should consider.

1. Furniture

Every year, thousands of children are rushed to the emergency room after having their furniture fall on top of their little bodies. Some children are even killed in these accidents. Curious toddlers are tempted to climb on top of their tall dressers, pull on heavy end tables and pretend that bookshelves are the tallest of mountains. Unfortunately, this destabilizes the furniture and it topples forwards, pinning the child beneath its crushing weight. Thankfully, there is a way to mitigate against this risk and help prevent this accident from happening in your home. If you have not done so already, take a moment to secure your toddler’s furniture to the wall.

2. Electrical Outlets

Those plastic outlet covers are popular gifts at baby showers. When you got your first pack, you proudly stuck them in every outlet in your house, and accepted the peace of mind that comes with knowing your baby is safe. But is your toddler safe? After watching their parents remove the plastic covers time and time again, many toddlers give it a try themselves.

Plastic outlet covers are actually quite easy for a toddler to remove. From there they attempt to stick objects inside the outlet. You can prevent your child from receiving an electrical shock injury by investing in safe plates for your toddler’s room. Also, if there are any wires for lamps, humidifiers or other electrical pieces, be sure to cover these wires with a wire guard.

3. Choking Hazards

As your child grows, they will stop attempting to eat everything in sight, but that does not mean that they will completely stop putting things in their mouths. For this reason, you should always monitor what is in your child’s room. Keep toys with small pieces in an area where you can watch your child play.

These are just some of the factors to consider when you are looking at different designs of rooms for toddlers. If it is time to upgrade your toddler to a “big kid room,” check out our products page or contact a representative at Georgia Baby today.