Summer Activities with Baby

nature walk with babyWhen the hustle and bustle of the school year is over and the sweltering summer heat begins to set in, it can seem like a chore to get out and about with your little one every day. Going out can seem even more taxing when you’re short on fun and safe activities to do with your baby. Beat the heat and take advantage of the season by trying out these great summer activities with baby that will keep you and your precious one happy.

Go on a Nature Stroll

Get some fresh air and exercise this summer by taking your little one out for a stroll through nature. Plenty of trails are wide enough to allow a stroller to pass through, and the surrounding trees offer plenty of shade. To ensure your baby doesn’t get too hot, early morning walks are generally best. Strollers with hoods will also keep your baby shaded, even when the trees thin out along the trail.

Pick Some Berries!

A fun and delicious summertime activity is to take your baby berry picking. Georgia is ripe with wild strawberries and blackberries, so find a little patch and get to picking! Settle your little one down on a blanket in the shade of the berry bushes to let them pick away, or wear your baby while you do the picking. Make sure to take your camera along so you can capture those precious berry-darkened fingers and faces forever.

Hit the Beach

You’ll never forget your baby’s first moments at a beach. A beach blanket, an umbrella and some refreshments are all you really need to enjoy an entertaining day in the sand. Show your little one how to build sandcastles, or stand by as they play “Godzilla” and wreak havoc on your own sand creation. Beaches are also a great way to introduce your baby to water, with the shallow waves lapping at the sandy shores.

Get Creative with Story Time

When it’s simply too hot to venture out into the great outdoors, enjoy some cool time indoors by participating in story time at your local bookstore or library. Reading is incredibly enriching for babies of any age, even if they don’t understand what the words mean just yet. Getting out and about with other young ones also helps to socialize younger minds and expose them to other tiny humans.

Explore Local Farmers Markets

Another way to stay cool as a cucumber during summer activities with baby is to explore the local farmers markets with your little one. Farmers markets are generally very baby-friendly. You don’t have to worry about your baby disrupting anyone if they get fussy, and most vendors love the chance to “ooh” and “ahhh” over your cutie-pie. You can also provide hands-on experiences for your little one by letting them smell and squeeze all the different kinds of fruits and veggies you find.

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