Tips for Beautiful Nursery Lighting

nursery lightingCreating the ideal environment in your baby’s room is essential to both you and your baby’s comfort. Beautiful nursery lighting should be pleasant enough for your delicate little one while effective enough to allow you to see and work in the baby room. Let’s look at a few ways to optimize the lighting in your infant’s room to create an aesthetic, peaceful ambiance.

Curtains, Drapes, Blinds — Oh My!

No room, particularly your baby’s room, is complete without the appropriate window dressing. For your baby’s room, you want light-blocking window dressing to keep light out at any time of day to allow your little one optimal napping settings. Bright sunlight shining in through the window can prevent your baby from getting all the sleep they need, so light-blocking curtains, drapes or blinds provides a cozy sleeping environment throughout the day.

Soft Ceiling Lights for Baby

Soft, ambient lighting provides the best kind of light for your precious little one. You don’t want severe, bright lights shining into your infant’s eyes. If you have track lights or recessed lights, make sure that they don’t shine directly onto the crib. A great lighting choice for the baby’s room is a hanging light like a chandelier or pendant. These make for beautiful nursery lighting fixtures as well as the right type of lighting for a baby.

Add a Dimmer to the Lighting

If you can control the lighting settings with a dimmer, that’s even better. While softer, dimmer lighting is best for your baby, you still need to be able to see well enough to be able to work in the room. If you can control the lighting with a dimmer, you can lower the lighting when your baby is trying to go to sleep or barely increase the lighting when you need to take care of a fussy baby during the night.

Incorporate Accent Lights

Along with or instead of a ceiling light, try installing accent lights like table lamps, floor lamps and sconces. Accent lights in ideal places like on either side of the crib, behind the rocking chair or on the wall by the changing table. This allows you to tailor the lighting throughout the room to illuminate your specific task. Always make sure that cords are tucked out of the way so that you don’t trip over them as you carry baby around the room, and so that your little one doesn’t get hold of a wayward cord.

Don’t Forget the Night Light

Finally, night lights provide a certain amount of comfort for your infant during the night, and they help you to easily peek in and check on your baby every now and then without disturbing them. Night lights come in a variety of unique styles, and they serve to produce efficient and beautiful nursery lighting. Get creative by sticking fiber optic stars to the ceiling of the room, or run a small strand of guide lights around the headboard or crib.

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